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Runners village - RUN Winschoten

Lopersdorp and rules for setting up tents

For the relay teams, there is a
grass field available for setting up tents at the Stikkerlaan (opposite the entrance to the WVV football field). The places for tents can be reserved or set up from Friday 8
September 11:00 am. You can report on Friday at 11 a.m. to
Melissa Trenning who will be present at the organization's tent in the Lopersdorp. A lottery will be held for some of the front row places, if still available in connection with sponsor places. The
numbered places will then be assigned to you by the organization.

For the first time, a small event area will be set up in the runners` village, where you can meet each other.
A catering facility will also be placed here for both food and drinks, accompanied by music.
The children will not be forgotten and the aim is to increase the fun.
The sale will take place using break tokens, which can be purchased at the event site.
Payment can only be accepted by PIN. Cash is not accepted.
This site is accessible to everyone!

In 2023, the rules for the Lopersdorp will be strictly controlled. Barrier tapes used to mark off a spot or tents that are set up before Friday, September 8, 11 a.m. will be removed. The tents must be set up with the short side facing the course so that more tents can be placed along the course. De Stikkerlaan (from WVV football field to the Beertsterweg roundabout) is closed to traffic on Saturday, September 9, also for people who want to set up their tent. Stikkerlaan must remain free of cars. Cars are not allowed in the Lopersdorp. You can park on the business park, but not at the shops. The parking lot in front of the Doc-Direkt
(former CAS) building at Transportbaan 12 is available for the RUN. There There are 2
parking attendants here who ensure that the 180 parking spaces are used efficiently. From the
parking lot it is approximately a 400 meter walk to the Lopersdorp.

There are a limited number of power points (220V) available in the Lopersdorp. The power supply
is intended for making coffee and tea and the cooling of drinks. It is prohibited that beer tap and sound systems are connected to it, unless organized by the organization. Make sure you have sufficient waterproof (outdoor) cable; the RUN organization cannot provide it. Sponsorships in the Lopersdorp are allowed in consultation with the organization. Open fire is prohibited.

Toilet facilities are available at the start - finish (next to and in front of the sports hall and in the sports hall). Water in the
mobile toilets is not intended for drinking water. There will be a water tap opposite the Lopersdorp thanks to sponsorship from the Groningen water company. During Friday night the 8th and
Saturday night the 9th of September there will be (limited) security in the start-finish area.

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BUTIQ optics from Scheemda has registered as the first team for 10x10km!

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