Practical information

Practical information - RUN Winschoten

Facilities for Saturday
You can use the changing rooms and showers in the Sports Hall.

It is possible for solo runners to hand in valuables. For the 50 and 100 km runners there is a tent at the start/finish where bags/clothing can be placed in a safe place right next to the course. The envelope with starting numbers also contains a garbage bag, labels and a sticker.

Start and finish area
The start/finish area is located next to the Sports Hall at the Mr. DU Stikkerlaan 6 in Winschoten.

For the spectator
In the start/finish area you will receive information about the progress of the race from the 2 speakers.


Trail - RUN Winschoten

The 50 km, 100 km and 10 x 10 relay are run on a 10 km course through Winschoten and Heiligerlee. The course was measured with the Jones Counter and therefore meets the conditions for Dutch, European and World records. The route is completely traffic-free. Where necessary, the course is closed off with crowd barriers and around 75 traffic controllers ensure the safety of the participants. The trail is not suitable for wheelers. The wheelers can participate in the funRUN on Friday evening.

Download the route map:

Download PDF informationDownload PDF information: routekaart-run.pdf

Regulations for flying drones

As a private individual, you are allowed to fly a drone if you follow the rules. For example, you must always be able to see your drone. You are also not allowed to fly above adjacent buildings.
A drone that you fly recreationally may not weigh more than 25 kilos.
For safety reasons, you are not allowed to fly everywhere with your drone. For example, you are not allowed to fly near an airport. (The RUN area is just outside the Oostwold airport area). You are also not allowed to fly higher than 120 meters above ground or water. In addition to the rules for the place where you fly, there are also rules for the circumstances in which you fly. For example, you are not allowed to fly in the dark. You must also always be able to see the drone. More information about the regulations on the website
If you take photos and video recordings with your drone, you must comply with the privacy legislation. You can read more about this topic in the Drones and Privacy Manual in the PDF.

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BUTIQ optics from Scheemda has registered as the first team for 10x10km! - RUN Winschoten

BUTIQ optics from Scheemda has registered as the first team for 10x10km!

30 March 2024 - Butiq Optiek from Scheemda is the first team to register for the 10x10 km Relay in 2024. We also welcome them as Friends of the RUN... read more »

Organization RUN thanks everyone! - RUN Winschoten

Organization RUN thanks everyone!

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Partners of the RUN
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  • WMA World Masters Athletics  RUN Winschoten
  • IAAF Athletics  RUN Winschoten
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