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RUN 2023

Stichting Ultraloop Winschoten in cooperation with athletic-club AQUILO, in association with the Atletiekunie (Dutch Athletic Federation).

Start times on Friday September 8th 2023
Youth runs LutjeRUN from 18:00 hrs
FunRUN 19.45 hrs

Start times on Saturday September 9h 2023
100 KM 09:00 hrs
50 KM 09:15 hrs
10x10 KM Relay race 09:30 hrs
WandelRUN (walks) from 09:30 hrs.

Limits 100KM/ 50KM / Relay
100 km 21:00 hrs (time-limit 12 hours)
50 km 15.15 hrs (time-limit 6 hours)
10x10 relay race 21:00 hrs (time-limit 11.30 hours)

LutjeRUN and FunRUN starts will take place in centre of Winschoten at the Marktplein.
100KM / 50KM/ 10x10 KM Relay /WandelRUN starts will take place in Winschoten at the Mr. D.U. Stikkerlaan nearby the sports hall.

Course 100KM / 50KM / Relay
The course is a 10 km flat and traffic-free track which leads through Winschoten and Heiligerlee. The course is officially measured by the Jones Counter and all records will therefore be accepted by the Royal Dutch Athletic Federation, EAA, IAU and IAAF. Bronze IAU Label.

Drinking and Sponging Stations
There are 2 Drinking Stations with fruit, water, tea, cola and sports drinks and 2 Sponging Stations with water and sponges along the course of 10 km.
If you do have a coach who accompanies you, the coach may hand over your drinks/gels and such in the Refreshment zones at the Drinking Stations. The coach is not to allowed to come on the course.

Registration (general)
You can register on the website of MyLaps. You can pay with Sofort (AUT, BEL, ESP, FRA, GER, ITA, NED, POL, SUI) or credit card. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your registration.

Registration (deadline)
The registration for the 50 and 100 km and 10 x 10 km relay teams is open to 2th September 2022.
The registration for the youth run (Rabobank Lutje RUN) will be open to 2th September 2022.
The registration for the FunRUN will be open to 2th September 2022.

Summary entry-fees
Youth runs (Rabobank Lutje RUN) Age 4-6 € 4,00 Age 7-15 € 5,001-08-2023 - 30-08-20230
50 km € 40,00 (incl. Rental Chip) - € 50,00 from
100 km € 60,00 (incl. Rental Chip) - € 75,00 from 01-08-2023 - 30-08-2023
Relay € 185,00 (incl. 2 Rental Chips) - € 200,-- from 01-08-2023 - 30-08-2023
Walks € 10,00

Collect your startnumber
On Friday 9th September 2022 between 14:00-20:00 hrs and Saturday 10th September 2022 between 7:30-8:00 hrs you can collect your startnumber in the Sportshall at the Mr. D.U. Stikkerlaan 6 in Winschoten.

Information desk
At the entrance of the Sportshall there will be an Information Desk on Friday between 14:00-20:00 hrs and on Saturday 0 between 7:30-21:00 hrs. They can answer almost all your questions.

Sports Hall
In the sports hall at the start / finish there are dressing rooms for men and women. The dressing rooms are not monitored. The prize ceremonies will be in the sports hall.

Medical and Massage
After completion of the RUN there is the possibility of a massage (only for 100KM/50KM runners!). But first you have to take a shower. The RUN has its own medical service in the Sports Hall. There will be sufficient volunteers of the First Aid present. There is a biketeam with nurses.

The result you can find on the Internet. Website:

Accommodation (general)
Information can be found on the website of the tourist office

Accommodation 50 and 100 km
For participants in the 50 and 100 km we have the possibility to stay at host-families for free (please make a note on the entry-form if you want to use this facility). First comes, first served.

More information
There are seperate information leaflets on the 50 km and 100 km in English.

Any questions?
A lot of information you will find on:
Questions about all different races:
General information by e-mail:

Participants click here.

Information 100KM

For more information on the 100 km click on the document.

Information 50KM

For more information on the 50 km klick on the document

Download PDF informatieDownload PDF informatie: info-folder-run-2023-50km-english5179.pdf


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25 februari 2023 - Op 1 maart gaat de inschrijving voor deelname aan de RUN open.... lees verder »

De RUN gaat door!

23 februari 2023 - Met trots kunnen wij zeggen: HET IS GELUKT, DE RUN GAAT DOOR OP 8 en 9 SEPTEMBER 2023!!! Op bestuurlijk vlak zijn de functies bijna weer volledig ingevuld. We gaan starten met een bestuursteam, nieuwe voorzitter is Hans Olthof en nieuwe secretaris Alje Wierenga. Erik Meijer wordt de nieuwe racedirector. De nieuwe voorzitter, secretaris en racedirector hebben met de nog twee zittende bestuursleden (Henk Nieborg en Janny Heijerman) de drive om de RUN ... lees verder »